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I’m going to GUADEC (with Ubuntu Desktop team)!

Hi Folks,

I’m writing these lines while I’m in the flight to Almeria where this year’s GNOME Users And Developers European Conference will take place, typing with my Thinkpad Bluetooth keyboard on my mobile phone (I’ve to admit that the Android physical keyboard usage is getting awesome, allowing proper WM actions) :), as the battery of my T460p was already over after the flight from Florence to Madrid during which I fixed some more shell JS errors.

This will be my first GUADEC ever, and as a fresh Foundation member, I’m quite excited to finally join it.

I’m not coming alone, of course, as this year the ubuntu-desktop team will be quite crowded, as me, Ken VanDine, Sébastien Bacher, Didier Roche, Iain Lane, James Henstridge and Robert Ancell will be part of the conference, to give input and help to get GNOME even better.

Soo, looking forward to meet you all very soon (almost landed – or better – trying to, in the mean time)!

As always, I’ve to thank Canonical for allowing me and the desktop crew to be part of this great community reunion. But also for being one of the silver sponsors of the event.

These are the events that really matter in order to get things done.